Welcome to the Frugal Grad blog. With all of the financial blogs created over the years, why should you care about this one?

Simple: this one is geared directly to the recent high school and college graduate. As we all know, there are a plethora of decisions that are made right after graduation that affect the rest of your life. So how is a blog created 10 years ago relevant to the unique challenges of the young-adult today? And how practical is the advice being doled out by 40- and 50-year old financial advisors going to help you today? The short answer: not very.

Are you a high school graduate getting your first steady paycheck? Are you a college graduate just getting hit with your student loan payments? Are you a parent or a grandparent trying to set your child/grandchild up for success? Then read along, and hopefully you will learn something along the way. I won’t make promises that you can retire by 30 (full disclosure: I’m several years away from 30 and won’t be retiring by then), or earn a million dollars a year sitting at a desk, but I do promise to help guide you through the decisions that affect us after college, and the trade-offs that each decision will entail.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments, or through my contact page, and I will be sure to address them in future posts. Otherwise, continue reading this blog and take in my wildly unsolicited advice.